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NOTES: By Default this screen will show you all the debtors that you have submitted data on in the past month.
When you first come this page, the debtors are sorted by their SWC rating with the worst ratings at the top.
You may click on any column header to sort by that column.
    - Debtor Name is the Full Legal Name not necessarily the name you have on file. If the Debtor name is red, it is because the debtor has a poor SWC rating.
    - Modified Date is the last date that Sterling has updated the Corporate information.
    - Trans = Total number of transactions Sterling has on file since the beginning of time.
    - New = Number of transactions Sterling has on file in the last 3 months.
    - DSO = Average DSO from all Customers over the last 6 months for this debtor.
    - % Past Due = Average Percent of Total Owing that is past due from all customers in the past 6 months.
    - Col = Number of Collections on file.
    - Pla = Number of Litigation Actions where the debtor is a Plaintiff.
    - Def = Number of Litigation Actions where the debtor is a Defendant.
    - Judge = Number of Litigation Actions where the debtor is a Defendant and it was a judgement against the Debtor.
    - BL = Number of Builders Liens on file against this debtor (where they are the named contractor.
    - Update = Click to request an Credit History Update. You may be charged for this service.
Debtor NameStatusModified DateTransNewDSOChange% PDChangeColPlaDefJUDGELSASBL 
WARBURG RESOURCES INC.AMALG3/19/20071531105 100% 30201030Update
IMPERIAL OIL RESOURCES LIMITEDACTIVE3/3/20096802643035%-3%03816911423Update
FARMERS OIL & GAS DRILLING LTD.STRUCK11/19/2007740    1114803Update
ENERHANCE RESOURCES INC.ACTIVE5/7/2008693105 100% 1012910Update
SAHARA ENERGY LTD.ACTIVE3/10/2009148911410  2113551Update
APEX ENERGY (CANADA) INC.ACTIVE8/14/20081676113   0013355Update
KOREA NATIONAL OIL CORPORATIONACTIVE2/25/2008571054872%10%000000Update
MAGNUS ENERGY INC.ACTIVE2/15/2007204382 100% 0092127Update
IGNITION ENERGY LTD.ACTIVE8/18/200881789 89% 018430Update
APACHE CANADA LTD.ACTIVE1/7/200910635442040%9%1243932330Update
JED OIL INC.ACTIVE8/11/20083767107   111323115Update
SYNCO EXPLORATION INC.ACTIVE3/16/20099588   001104Update
ENCANA CORPORATIONACTIVE12/30/20087673542-140%22%0215812652Update
AGRIUM INC.ACTIVE9/12/20075123844377%-1%01518102Update
CYRIES ENERGY INC.ACTIVE2/6/2008501660   005120Update
CANEX ENERGY INC.AMALG7/4/20061250    001100Update
1333002 ALBERTA LTD.ACTIVE4/2/20084163    036042Update
ONYX 2006 INC.ACTIVE2/2/2009381149791%17%000000Update
WHITE NORTH ENERGY CORP.ACTIVE11/13/200835478 100% 000000Update
TEMPLE ENERGY INC.ACTIVE2/2/200942238561078%14%000000Update
ARGALI OIL INC.ACTIVE1/16/200721551050100%0000000Update
VANGUARD EXPLORATION CORP.ACTIVE1/18/2008590    001000Update
SEVEN ENERGY (CANADA) INC.ACTIVE12/30/2008671960-453%46%000000Update
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